That’s why I pick Woolies

In 2016, we launched a brand new platform for Woolworths that came straight from our customers. More Australians pick Woolworths. For all sorts of reasons. Some are rational. Others more emotional. And that’s the power of our positioning. It enables us to leverage those reasons. More importantly, it encourages us to create new ones.

Jamie Oliver – Food rescue and Fresh Food Kids

Jamie Oliver is the ultimate food warrior, fighting against the things that are important to both of us. Food wastage. Salt reduction. Children’s health. In 2016, the relaunch of Fresh Food Kids was driven by the alarming rate of obesity among Aussie kids. Given we are the country’s biggest providers of fresh food, it was the right thing to do. And Jamie agreed.


Grown for gold

When it comes to sport, Australia punches well above its weight. Every CommGames we’ve been top three in the medal tally. How? Why? We think it might have something to do with the fresh food our athletes have grown up eating. After all, we do produce some of the best food in the world.

everyone loves their winter woolies

Australia is so used to thinking of itself as the sunburnt country – we forget all the joys of the other seasons. Woolworths was the first retailer to celebrate winter. All those moments when it’s nice to stay home and cuddle up, to sip on some hot soup or tuck into a steaming roast. It’s those ‘winter Woolies’ that can warm you from the inside out.

reindeer carrots

Australians love Christmas and so do we. So much so that we’ve invented new products for Santa and his support crew.
Starting in 2016 with ‘Reindeer Carrots’ – a little treat for littlies to leave for the big fella.


the russos

Retail. Who says it needs to yell? Who says it has to be rational? Or worse, crass? Prices Dropped was an existing Woolworths retail property. We linked it to the brand platform with ‘We’ve dropped the prices, so you pick up the savings’ and humanized it, with a contemporary Aussie family.

fresh market update

Fresh Market Update was first launched in 2008. Its authenticity confirmed our reputation as The Fresh Food People. So why wouldn’t we bring it back? This time we took it on the road, with two of our very own Fresh Food People – Isabella and Paul. It has been a very successful journey so far and we now have regular market updates on Australia’s freshest produce. 


metro - good food. fast.

In 2016 Woolworths entered the convenience store sector with their newly branded Metro stores. Metro stores cater for workers looking for a coffee, sandwich or sushi. They’re also looking for speed and convenience. It was already good value. And we made it great fun.

designing a brighter future

In July 2017, Woolworths ended single use plastic bags. A new range of environmentally-friendly bags in all shapes and sizes were designed to replace them. These are the first of many. And already the future looks brighter.

services - the green bench

Insurance, mobile phones and credit cards are often the most competitive direct response categories. And Woolworths competes in all of them. Enter our Green Bench. Inspired by the seats outside our store, it was the perfect place to put customers talking about why they pick Woolies in our hard-working, big results campaign.